Dan-Marc RV Parts and Supplies
RV's are changing the way we look at travel. Not too long ago when we traveled we
either spent our time on the road playing lisence plate games or watching the passing cars
or looking for that elusive bathroom when it is needed and cant be found. RV,s and travel
trailers are changing all that by allowing us to carry more of what we call home with us.

Now when we start out on a long or even a short day trip we load up the refrigerator in
our RV and make sure the water storage tank is full and the brown and grey water are
empty and we are on our way. Our waste water storage tanks are treated with RV waste
treatment and our 12 volt pump is ready to pump fresh water to our sink, shower and
port-a-potty to help maintain the comfort of all the passengers. We no longer have to
worry about stopping every 1/2 hour for a break so that one of the kids can go to the
bathroom or stretch their legs.

When the travel takes us into the night the family can stretch out on the beds and drift off
to sleep while we continue to travel the highway. In route the passengers have the ability to
watch television thanks to the solar panels on the roof and the invertor working to change
the 12 volt electricity to 110 vac. for the onboard appliances. Mom or whoever is cooking
can make hot meals when we stop for a rest.

Our RV has truly revolutionized our way of traveling. Here at Dan-Marc RV Parts and
Supplies we will do our best to provide you with all the necessary supplies to make not
only your travel but your stay at your destination a more enjoyable and plesant one.